Reclaimed Wood Flooring: What You Should Know

February 20, 2023

Reclaimed wood is famous for its strength, stability and durability. 

Reclaimed wood has been exposed to humidity far more than any other wood, making it more stable so you can use it over radiant heat. The wood can go over it because it has been through the cycle of heat, humidity and dry air for many years.

But there’s more to wood flooring when it comes to this popular floor installation in Calgary. Read on to find out!

Its Unique Appearance 

Regarding flooring installation in Calgary, reclaimed wood can give your home a unique and beautiful appeal. You can choose from various tones, from dark to light, or finish with a transparent stain for that natural look making every board unique. 

Reclaimed wood will have many different characteristics that cannot be mimicked. All of this is dependent on exposure to the elements. Each piece of reclaimed wood will look different.

Reclaim a Part of History 

Each reclaimed wood has an exciting story compared to wood just coming off a warehouse or store’s shelf. Because the reclaimed wood is aged, it has an added charm to them as the natural hues of the wood are enhanced, highlighting its rings and knots. 

Regarding floor installations in Calgary, wood has a unique blend of character and history that cannot be mimicked! 

An Eco-Conscious Decision

Another great feature of reclaimed wood is when producing reclaimed wood floors, they use 13 times less energy than harvesting new wood, saving healthy trees and keeping our forests alive. By choosing wood flooring installation, you’re recycling durable limited resources and keeping vintage wood out of the landfills in Calgary. 

Old materials get a new life-giving your floors a one-of-a-kind while being environmentally responsible!  

The Largest Selection of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood comes in different species, from pine to oak, and Floor Trendz carries the largest selection for your floor installation in Calgary! 

So be unique and give your home appeal with our beautiful reclaimed wood. Call and speak with one of our specialists or visit our centrally located showroom to view our products. 


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