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Floor Trendz offer the largest selection of reclaimed wood in Calgary. Our reclaimed flooring is perfect for any application, whether you are adding new flooring, building a new project and wanting that rustic look or wanting a unique feature wall in your home or office space. Reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, antique or distressed those are just some of the many names for reclaimed wood.
Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring for Kitchen
Reclaimed wood is primarily used in the decorating of houses, its primarily used as cabinetry, furniture or feature walls. 

Reclaimed wood is popular for many reasons, Its strength, stability and durability. Reclaimed wood has been exposed to humidity far more than any other wood, this makes the wood more stable, so you could use it over radiant heat. The wood can go over radiant heat because the wood has been through the cycle of heat, humidity and dry air for many years.

Reclaimed wood will have many different characteristics, that cannot be mimicked. All of this is dependant on the exposure to the elements. Each piece of reclaimed wood is going to look different, all of it has its own characteristics. No two pieces of reclaimed wood are identical, giving depth and uniqueness to every board.
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Board variance is very high because of the age and weathering of the wood. Floor Trendz is Calgary’s leading supplier of reclaimed wood flooring offering several options suitable for any application. 

Another great feature with reclaimed wood is when producing reclaimed wood floors, they actually use 13 times less energy than harvesting new wood, saving healthy trees and keeping our forests alive and well. Giving a tree a one of a kind look. 

Reclaimed wood comes in different species from pine to oak. Visit Floor Trendz today to check out our great specials on reclaimed wood for home or office. Be unique and give your home appeal with our beautiful reclaimed wood. Call and speak with one of our specialists or visit our centrally located showroom to view our products.
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Reclaimed Hardwood Decoration for Dining Area
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