Types of Floors that Work Well within Floor Heating

November 7, 2023

In-floor heating in Calgary, a luxurious and efficient method, is increasingly being adopted in homes, particularly in these colder regions. This system provides consistent and comfortable warmth underfoot, transforming the living environment during chilly months.

However, the effectiveness and efficiency of in-floor heating greatly depend on the type of flooring used. Not all materials conduct and retain heat with the same efficacy, so choosing flooring is a crucial aspect of the installation process.

In this article, Floor Trendz will explore the various flooring options best suited for radiant floor heating, highlighting their unique properties and suitability for enhancing your home's warmth and comfort.

Ceramic and Stone Tiles

  • Ideal Choice - Ceramic and stone tiles are excellent for underfloor heating. They store and transfer heat effectively and are easy to clean​​.
  • Types of Tiles - Slate, flagstone, concrete, and marble are all suitable, each with unique properties. Slate and flagstone are highly conductive and durable, whereas marble, though slower to heat, is an excellent thermal conductor​​.
  • Installation Considerations - A 2-part flexible tile adhesive is necessary, and insulation is recommended atop concrete subfloors​​.

Wood Flooring

  • General Suitability - Wood's thermal properties vary with type. Generally, denser and thinner woods are better. Engineered wood, bamboo, solid hardwood, softwood, and parquet are all options, each with specific considerations regarding temperature tolerance and potential changes due to temperature fluctuations​​.
  • Engineered Wood - This is the best option for wood radiant floor heating, as it adapts well to the temperature and moisture changes associated with underfloor heat​​.
  • Solid Hardwood - Be cautious with solid hardwood due to potential issues with humidity and temperature changes​​.

Other Flooring Options

  • Laminate - Cost-effective and often suitable, but check with the manufacturer for compatibility​​.
  • Vinyl - Quick heating and cooling but has a maximum heat output of around 80.6°F. It is not ideal for areas with rapid heat loss​​.
  • Rubber - Solid rubber flooring heats up fast and is very conductive, making it an excellent choice​​.
  • Carpet - Can be used provided the total thermal resistance does not exceed 2.5 tog​​.

Pros and Cons of Radiant Floor Heating


Radiant floor heating stands out for its numerous advantages. It offers uniform heating, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the room and eliminating cold drafts. Electric systems, in particular, are virtually maintenance-free and can operate efficiently for over 20 years. This heating method is known for its quiet operation, contrasting sharply with the noise of forced-air systems.

Additionally, it's allergy-friendly as it doesn't circulate dust or allergens. Energy efficiency is another key benefit, with radiant floor heating being 20-25% more efficient than forced-air systems. Lastly, the ease of installation, especially for electric systems, makes it a feasible DIY project.


Installing radiant floor heating does come with some considerations. Firstly, it necessitates the replacement of existing flooring to accommodate the new system. Additionally, the installation process slightly elevates the floor height, which could be a factor in room planning and door clearance.

While the initial cost of setting up a radiant heating system can be higher than other heating methods, it is cost-effective in the long run due to its enhanced energy efficiency.

Floor Trendz In-Floor Heating

Floor Trendz in Calgary offers in-floor heating supplies and/or installation of in-floor heating systems that can be applied to any area of your home. It is typically recommended for going underneath tile or natural stone. However, it can also go underneath carpet, laminate and hardwood.

All systems are connected to a thermostat that can be programmed for different times of the day or manually set to one temperature, making it easy for our customers to operate the system.

Visit our Beautiful showroom or book a Free Estimate with one of our in-floor heating experts.


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