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Linoleum flooring in Calgary offers a smooth and polished appearance and is excellent for numerous applications.

With proper upkeep, it has the potential to last up to 4 decades!

For kitchen and bathroom applications:

Linoleum flooring is produced with renewable materials and offers water-resistant surfacing, and unlike other flooring options, linoleum is also biodegradable.

In addition, its resilient design (made from all-natural materials) makes linoleum remarkably durable, as it is resistant to scratches and wear and tear.


Linoleum flooring comes in various sizes; standard tile and plank measurements of 12 x 12 inches are available. Likewise, 48 x 60-inch long planks and 4 x 8-inch wide planks are also available.

Besides its durable composition, linoleum flooring in Calgary is also relatively easy to install... However, it does require care and precision. For this reason, it can raise some unique difficulties for inexperienced or novice DIYers. That’s why linoleum installation should be left to installers with more experience handling this type of flooring application. At Floor Trendz, we have a team of installation professionals who can help; contact us today to get a free quote

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Floor Trendz provides a large selection of linoleum flooring materials. In addition, we offer over 30 years of flooring installation experience in Calgary.



Even though linoleum is relatively affordable compared to other flooring options, it’s still wise to save wherever possible. Calculating your project's length can prevent you from wasting money on flooring items and materials unnecessarily. The easiest way to do this for most projects is to employ an online calculator, contact us for a quote!



Remove all appliances, furniture, and miscellaneous items. You’ll require a clear area before laying linoleum flooring; you’ll also need to remove doors from hinges and detach baseboards and baseboard nails. Then patch up the current flooring material; linoleum must be laid on a smooth surface.



Now that you’re ready to install the linoleum, start measuring your floor to know exactly how much linoleum you’ll need. From here, it's essential to ensure your measurements are as precise as possible so your linoleum will fit perfectly against your walls, miscellaneous items, and appliances.



Use a roller to secure the linoleum; a 100-pound unit should suffice. Your roller will help eliminate any air bubbles, securing the linoleum to the floor. Start in the center of the floor and work your way out to the edges. Then you’ll need to finish the linoleum with sealant. Finish it with an authorized sealant to provide your new linoleum floor with a shielding, polished glow that will add durability.
Linoleum flooring is an easy-to-maintain, beautifully designed surfacing. It is inspired by numerous styles, variations, and textures, all at a great price.
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