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We offer shower builds (not including the glass surround). Shower builds offer customization of your own area to make sure it best suits your lifestyle. Our shower builds include: Waterproofing, kerdi/cement board, liner, drypack base. Our optional additions for customization of your shower include: Niches, caddies, benches, line drains (vs regular drain).
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Kerdi is a sheet waterproofing membrane/vapour retarder. This includes limited crack/bridging capabilities. Kerdi membrane is also available in premade corners for ease of installation. A band of Kerdi is also available to seal the ends of the membrane, ensuring there is not leakage of water into the seams. Kerdi membrane can be installed over Kerdi boards. Kerdi Board is a substrate which helps with bonding the waterproof assemblies. Additional Kerdi waterproofing materials include a mixing valve and a pipe seal.

schluter drains

A standard drain kit is included, available in multiple finishes such as satin nickel, satin aluminum ect. An upgraded drain would be the Schluter Line Drain. This drain runds adjacent to the wall. What’s required for the line drain? A bonding flange, centre or off centre grate installation with the option of a closed or perforated grate.


Niches can come premade, or can be custom made out of kerdi board to ensure that your niche is most suitable for your lifestyle.

shower shelves/cadies

Shelves and caddies are premade and ready to be installed. Shell/scoop soap dishes in a few colours are available as well.

shower benches

Benches can either come premade, or can be custom made. These benches are available in multiple sizes and materials. Custom made benches are able to be tiled over to fit into the shower. Premade benches are often a metal triangle that floats in the corner of the shower.
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