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carpet tile

Carpet tile is a carpet that typically has a vinyl backing and is cut into tiles and used for a glue down installation. This carpet on average has a shorter cut or loop which is tightly wound together making it more durable and hides traffic better than the average residential carpet. There are still many different styles that carpet tile offers, so you’re not limited when it comes to selecting the right design for you. Typically this product is used for commercial applications because of its superior performance when compared to other materials. Because it is a glue down application, this creates an easy repair process by allowing you to replace a single tile without damaging those around it. Carpet tile is easy to maintain and clean.


Most vinyl is not only for residential applications but is commonly used in commercial application. 

Vinyl is available in sheet, plank or tile style. Warranties however will vary from style to style based on the way it’s manufactured and graded for each application. 

Make sure to double check all specifications before installing your vinyl to ensure your warranty will not be void. See “Vinyl” for more detail.


Depending on the style of laminate, it may be under warranty for commercial application. See “Alternative Flooring” for more detail.

porcelain tile

Some porcelain tile can meet the specifications of a commercial application. This product can be graded based on light to heavy commercial traffic depending on the tile and how it’s graded. See “Tile” for more detail.


Marmoleum is perfect in commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, offices. There are many different patterns and colours so you’re not limited to a certain palette. See “Alternative flooring" for more detail.


Vinyl composite tile is a highly durable and affordable tile which is ideal for any commercial application but can be used for residential as well. This product is resilient to high impact and extremely durable in high traffic areas. It requires minimal maintenance, and is easy to clean and upkeep.
Always double check warranties to see if the floor covering selected is rated for your application.
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