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Luxury vinyl tile can come in many assorted sizes such as 12×24”, 16×16”, 18×18” tiles. Luxury vinyl floor planks that mimic hardwood are available in assorted plank sizes such as 4×36”, 6×36”, 6×24” and more such as “wide plank” vinyl.

The patterns of LVT and LVP are created by 3D imaging technology which creates more of a realistic look. There is also options for vinyl sheet flooring or a vinyl tile. There are many different styles of vinyl flooring. These include hardwood, stone and modern tile patterns. FloorTrendz is the elite flooring contractors in Calgary. We provide you with many options to help ensure you find the right product for your home.

With the advancement of manufacturing, vinyl wood flooring looks more realistic and can come textured. Texture adds depth and luxury to your floors. Vinyl tile also has the option on whether you can grout it or not. Some also come with pre-grouted line to make the installation easy. LVT and LVP are durable and requires minimal maintenance. Vinyl is available for different applications. For example, full spread glue down, perimeter glue, or a click (floating) installation.

Not only is the vinyl floor installation easy, but can be installed over almost any subfloor like plywood, K3, cement and so on. Our vinyl flooring installers are trained experts. Floor Trendz can complete any type of floor installation. For example, vinyl tile installation, a vinyl plank install, or even laying vinyl sheet flooring. Contact us today for your free quote.
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Floor Trendz offers the largest selection of vinyl flooring materials. We provide over 30 years of vinyl flooring installation experience in Calgary.
Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material. Inspired by different styles and species with the textures of hardwood at a great price.



The first step to installing vinyl flooring is to ensure that the subfloor is flat and prepped. By doing this, you’re minimizing the appearance of possible imperfections. Imperfections in the subfloor may be more prominent after the vinyl installation. Before the installation, lay out the vinyl to get a feel for the pattern and colours. You want to make sure you will achieve the desired appearance.



Each manufacturer has recommended installation guidelines and materials. These recommendation provide a warranty and maximizes the products performance. Using a adhesive not recommended by the manufacturer can result in a voided warranty. To begin the installation, trowel down adhesive with the proper size of trowel. You can find this information on the adhesives packaging.



Lay down the vinyl piece by piece in desired layout, making cuts when necessary. To cut the vinyl, you may use a saw or the scor and cut method using a utility knife and square. Once the vinyl installation is complete, roll weight over the floor. This task will ensure the vinyl will completely adhered to the subfloor. Allow the floor to dry for 24 hours.



Click vinyl and a floating vinyl flooring installation is a glue less. It is always best to lay out the area before installation. Once you have laid your vinyl to the desired appearance, start clicking the vinyl into place. Scor, snap or use a saw to cut the flooring, despite the material being thicker than the glue down.
Vinyl flooring installation is a simple. Whether it be glue down or click, vinyl flooring material is ideal for the homeowner to install themselves.
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