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Choosing an Installer


Finding a Calgary flooring installation company can be an intimidating and daunting process especially if you have no installation experience or home renovation skills.  Online classified websites can find them yet you find yourself asking “how do I know they’ll finish the job, do they even do a good job” or “What if there’s a problem?” “Am I being ripped-off?”

Word-of-mouth may have worked for you in the past but what happens if you’re new to Calgary or your friends & family aren’t connected….What to do?

There is a long list of flooring companies in Calgary to choose products. Floor Trendz team of reliable installers specialize in all aspects of each type of flooring from carpeting, hardwood, tile & vinyl. These specialized teams are far more efficient, structured, reliable and transparent.  Pricing and estimates are agreed-to prior to installation, Customer follow-up with any issues can be resolved in-store giving you peace of mind knowing your store is there for the long term and won’t disappear overnight.  Also, look for store affiliations with consumer agencies like our Calgary Better Business Bureau and online reviews. – Ask questions in-store of the staff. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions and share your fears and concerns. You’ll most likely get a wealth of information and sharing of stories of happy customers with the same fears.

Finally, your instincts work in our modern world just as well as they did sensing a lion in the grass sizing you up for their next meal. You should feel confident and excited for the day of installation.   There may be a hiccup along the road, that’s okay. Knowing your installer and flooring store is there to complete the job for you will go a long way in calming your fears. Contact Floor Trendz to schedule a Free Estimate or Visit our beautiful showroom today.