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Floor Trendz sells and installs kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, floors and any other stone application.

Floor Trendz Natural Stone Installation

Floor Trendz has over 30 years expertise in installing natural stone. We can assist and install kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, fireplaces, floors and any other stone application. Trust the experts with over 30 years experience selling and installing natural stone products.


When installing natural stone it’s crucial that it is installed using correct materials, when looking at tile and setting materials. Natural stone has a high variance when considering colour, pattern, and shape. The colour variance is unavoidable piece to piece because it’s natural stone. Before installing the tile, lay out the tile area in the desired pattern. Consider the direction, veining, and colours when choosing your tile lay out. Moving on to the installation, ensure that the proper thinset/mortar is used. The variables that play into selecting the thinset is the size of the tile, the substrate material, where it’s being installed and the colour of the natural stone. When using a larger format tile and on the wall or ceiling, you’ll need to use a thinset with higher polymer to ensure the tile stays up.


When working with light natural stones such as white marbles, you’ll need to use a white thinset as the grey thinset will often bleed through the tile. After installing, the sealing of the natural stone will take place. Make sure all thinset, grout haze, dust/dirt is cleaned off prior to the required sealing. To clean natural stones, you’re going to ensure it’s as clean as possible at all times. Any dirt or grit on the surface will scratch the surface and wear down the finish quicker, which will then require more frequent sealing. To make sure the stone is clean, sweep or vacuum. When required to clean with a damp mop, ensure the mop is clean and use a neutral pH cleaner. Any acid based cleaner or stains will etch the surface. In order to reseal, clean the surface entirely and strip of the existing sealer before coating the floor again.


**Natural stones have to be resealed after time which is variant based on the type of sealer and traffic that the floor endures.

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