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Dustless Sanding - Floor Trendz

Why replace your hardwood floors? Floor Trendz will bring them back to life with dustless sanding hardwood floor refinishing. Our dustless sanding system eliminates up to 99% of airborne allergens and dangerous dust. Our Dustless system to protects our employees and customers health, and their property. Experts agree wood particles are a potential health threat once airborne. The Dustless sanding system also ensures no dust particles land on your refinished floor during the coating process.

Is Sawdust Toxic?

 The government has added wood dust to its list of known carcinogens. Carcinogens are toxic and sometimes cancerous. We take every precaution to avoid any dangerous particles releasing into the air. Besides the health benefits, the dustless system for refinishing hardwood eliminates the nightmare of post-sanding cleanup. This offers a healthy, clean and revolutionary alternative for home and property owners. It is important a qualified hardwood floor sander works on your wood floors. Over-sanding is a strong concern and can take the life out of the floor. Our hardwood floor sanders are experienced experts and can complete your hardwood flooring refinishing project to perfection.

Floor Sanding is an Art

 Floor restoration is an art and should not be attempted by the average homeowner. Our floor restoration tools and sanding systems are superior when compared to those available for rent. Our sanding machines use a powerful vacuum system, sucking the dust produced, keeping particles out of the air. Please contact us and have our hardwood floor sanders out to help!

A Stain for Everyone

 There is a vast variety of stain colours and finishes available for your hardwood. These stains range from commercial grade water based finish to rubbed oil finish. Please ask us what option would best suit your lifestyle. Sometimes the benefit of dustless sanding are overlooked by homeowners. There is no comparison between a dustless and old fashioned system. We have not used the old system for years and would not recommend it to anybody. If you are interested in hardwood floor refinishing, please contact us and speak to an expert.
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