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Vinyl glue-down planks provide an attractive and cost-effective flooring option, especially for commercial spaces. Their durability, water resistance, easy installation, and individual replaceability make them a stress-free choice for maintenance.

They offer a cost-effective and economical solution. In particular, commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and offices often prefer vinyl glue-down plank installations due to their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.
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Advantages of Vinyl Glue-Down Plank

One of the key advantages of vinyl glue-down planks is their exceptional durability and ease of installation

Unlike hardwood, they are impervious to water, making them highly resistant to moisture damage. This quality ensures that maintenance is hassle-free and worry-free. Moreover, if any individual planks become damaged or worn out over time, replacing them is a breeze. Vinyl glue-down planks can be easily removed and replaced individually, allowing for a quick and straightforward solution.

The adhesive used to install vinyl glue-down planks ALSO creates a strong bond that helps reduce noise transmission. This can make them a quieter flooring option than other hard surfaces, such as tile or laminate. Furthermore, the direct contact with the subfloor allows for efficient heat transfer, making them an excellent choice for rooms where underfloor heating is desired.
Allowing a professional to install vinyl glue-down planks is recommended, as the adhesive application and precise placement are crucial for a successful and long-lasting result!
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Vinyl Glue Down Plank Installation in Calgary

Visit our beautiful showroom in Calgary to view our selection of Vinyl Flooring options.
Our vinyl flooring installers are trained experts. Floor Trendz can complete any type of floor installation. For example, vinyl tile, vinyl plank, glue-down plank installations, or even laying vinyl sheet flooring. Floor Trendz offers the largest selection of vinyl flooring materials. We provide over 30 years of vinyl flooring installation experience in Calgary.
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