Reclaiming Your Floor: The Hard Facts On Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

October 22, 2022

Breathing new life into old hardwood has become quite popular in recent years. Reclaiming wood involves seeking out old wood from antique barns, old commercial buildings and warehouses, inspecting it for structural integrity and then milling it into new planks.

With what seems like millions of flooring options available on the market these days, what makes reclaimed hardwood flooring the best choice?

Benefits of reclaimed hardwood flooring

Not only does the use of this unique flooring contribute LEED points to your build, but reclaimed hardwood is also the perfect way for contractors and homeowners alike to bring an eco-friendly, unique beauty to new builds and renovation projects. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using reclaimed hardwood flooring in Calgary.


When a tree is cut down, it releases carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gasses it had previously absorbed and stored. With approximately 15 million trees cut down yearly and only about 5 million trees planted in their place, this release of carbon monoxide and greenhouse gasses contributes to around 10% of global warming across the globe. It's easy to see that replanting only a small portion of the trees cut down each year is not enough to slow global warming.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring helps minimize deforestation's effect on the environment by recycling old wood that is no longer being used and bringing it back to life, limiting the need to cut new trees down.


Wood harvested in the early 20th century grew in an environment that subjected the trees to far less air pollution and negative human interaction, making recycled wood stronger than wood harvested from new growth by approximately 40 Janka hardness points.


The distressed look is very trendy right now, and flooring is no exception. Authentically worn down by both mother nature and years of use, the rustic feel of reclaimed hardwood flooring with its original stains, nail holes, and insect damage allows reclaimed flooring to bring a unique, vintage feel to any room it is installed in.

Offering the largest selection of reclaimed flooring in Calgary, Floor Trendz can help you get the beautiful, rustic appearance you’ve been dreaming of. With services ranging from design to installation, the experts at Floor Trendz will ensure that you’re standing on solid ground for years to come. If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring store in Calgary, we are your one-stop flooring shop. Contact us at 403-474-4401 to get started on your next flooring project with a free estimate.


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