How to maintain hardwood floors in the summer season?

April 28, 2021

With Calgary being so sunny, you will want to know some things to keep your hardwoods in great shape after your floor is installed. You will want to ensure you maintain them well for you and your guests’ enjoyment.

Hardwood stores in Calgary are very aware of the amount of damage the sun can do to hardwood floors over time, considering Calgary has some of the most sunshine per year in North America. 

Summer increases the number of hours that the bright sun will shine on your floor. UV rays can also damage and wear down hardwood floors and cause them to become darker or lighter, and in summer, when the air conditioning is not running, on hot days, sunlight can turn your home into the inside of a stove because of how well wood absorbs heat. 

Hardwood stores Calgary
Hardwood stores Calgary

The sun shining on your hardwood floors over time can cause your floors to become really stained.

  • If you do not want your floor stain to age prematurely due to sun damage, you could try moving your furniture during the summer months to create a shadow where the sun usually hits the floor. 
  • If you follow the above tips and invest in a good dehumidifier, this will keep the relative humidity in your home stable, which means less humidity in the air. 
  • In addition, your air conditioning system also plays a key role in maintaining the ideal humidity range for your wood floors. Consider turning on your air conditioning at peak times in hot and humid weather. Air conditioners naturally will lower the humidity in your home and play a crucial role in maintaining an ideal humidity range on your wooden floors, but they can and should be turned off at any time of the year. 

Keeping the humidity in your home stable all year round is one of the best ways to prevent moisture and will keep your wood floor in top shape. 

By stabilizing the relative humidity in your home, you can help reduce the number of cracks and separations that occur naturally. The best way to control the gaps in your hardwood floor is to do your best to keep the humidity in the house the same throughout the year. 

If your hardwood floors are properly maintained, you can serve your home well and make it look beautiful for many years to come. How you care for your hardwood floors depends on the season and climate you live in. 

Besides controlling the humidity levels in your home, you can keep hardwoods in the best shape through the summer with these next few tips. 

  1. You should vacuum your hardwood floors often to ensure you get the dirt out from the cracks between the boards. Over time, the dirt in these cracks can begin to form a residue that can be difficult to get out of the gaps. 
  1. Wash your floor with water and vinegar or a certified wood floor cleaner. Do not use any bleaching agents or harsh chemicals. The sunshine can amplify the effects causing worse damage. 
  1. Be sure to always remove any spills or stains right away. You do not want to spill something and give it any time to seep between the floorboards. If you do, it can warp the edges of the hardwood.

Keeping your floors clean is not hard to do, especially if you can keep on top of it. Put down tough-bristled mats to wipe your shoes on before walking on the floor, and check your shoe tread for any rocks that could get lodged in them. 

Rather than wear your footwear in the house, It is better to take off your shoes at the door. Always ensure you sweep, dry-mop, and vacuum every week, and when the floor starts to look dull, get into all the nooks with a wet mop and trusted solution.

If you follow all these tips, your hardwoods will remain intact and beautiful for years to come.


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