5 mistakes to avoid for your next flooring installation

July 26, 2021

When it comes to flooring, there are some major things you want to consider. Taking the time to plan and go over the details is important as you want your flooring installed correctly and to have a floor that lasts for a long time.

If you have made the choice to upgrade a floor in your house or you are in the process of choosing a new carpet or hardwood for your home, you should be 100% certain you choose the right flooring.

The flooring makes or breaks the feel of a home…

Calgary flooring installers
Calgary flooring installers

When deciding on the right flooring, there are 5 things you should consider.

1 - Are you prone to allergies?

    If you have issues with allergies, carpets can hold dust that could cause allergies and some carpets even can release microscopic fibres that can be breathed in. For someone who asthmatic, this is not a good thing and could cause big issues with their breathing. Good air quality is always better for those who have asthma. If you want to go with carpet, the best kind for allergies and asthma is wool.

2 - Are there plans for kids and pets?

    Kids and pets can be hard on flooring. The best kinds of flooring for kids and pets would be tile, laminate, vinyl, and synthetic fibre or polyester carpets. All of these options are the best for cleaning up spills and stains that naturally come along with pets and kids.

3 - Are you somewhere where there is high humidity or moisture?

    Humidity and moisture from a room such as your bathroom or your kitchen could be hard on certain types of flooring. Wood can expand and be easily damaged by a very moist atmosphere. Laminate does much better and the best two would be vinyl or tile. These will be least affected and if you have wool in a high humidity environment, wool in these kinds of conditions allow bacteria and molds to form over time.

4 - What should you get for an underlay?

Don’t go cheap on the underlay. If you go with a thinner and cheaper underlay because you think it’s not important, think again. Underlay is vital to how your floor feels when you walk on it. If you decide to not get a quality underlay, your floors will be very hard to walk on and very unforgiving on your feet. A quality underlay will also help your floor last longer. Make sure you get a quality underlay and your feet and wallet will thank you in the long term.

5 - What flooring is more economical?

    The flooring that is the cheapest does not mean it’s quality, however, you can have some quality flooring that goes on sale. Be sure you don’t think “cheap” when it comes to flooring. Where you walk and how your flooring looks with the rest of your house is important. Long-lasting floors are usually not cheap. Often you can find some great quality floorings at a good cost.

There are other things to consider, such as what color or stain to choose along with how to clean your flooring properly. A floor can get dust and grime build up over time and carpets can build up with dust, dander, and allergens. Do you DIY your flooring or do you go with one of Calgary’s flooring installers? There are many mistakes one could make when installing a carpet… It is generally a good return on investment for the flooring to be installed by professionals.

Avoid the mistakes that others make when installing flooring and be sure to review this again as a guide before you go carpet shopping around Calgary flooring companies.


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