5 Benefits of Installing a Tile Kitchen Backsplash

July 15, 2022

Your kitchen is a place of community. It’s where dinners are prepared, family gatherings take place, and meaningful conversations occur. As a result, kitchens have a natural communal effect on the household. That’s why many home remodelling services focus on kitchen renovations.

At Floor Trendz, we can outfit your kitchen with natural stone in Calgary. You can enjoy a beautiful kitchen backsplash that can enliven your whole decor. But you may wonder why your kitchen backsplash is essential and how it can be combined with flooring installation in Calgary

Keep reading to learn five reasons a tile backsplash is valuable for your kitchen renovation.

1. Heat Resistance

With all the appliances in your kitchen (oven, stove, coffee pot, etc.), things can get heated quickly. Consequently, your backsplash will heat up due to the appliances in your kitchen. A heat-resistant backsplash will protect your wall from the gadgets that occupy your kitchen space, saving you both money and frustration.

2. Improves Kitchen Decor

A new backsplash can enhance your entire kitchen decor. The many styles, colours, and designs can help personalize your space and make it your own. For example, opt for an ebony pigmentation if you prefer a more solid appearance with bold colours. Or choose bright tones that illuminate the space if you’re more vibrant and energetic. Whatever your preference, there’s a kitchen backsplash available for you.

3. Eco-Friendly

Are you environmentally friendly? If so, a tile kitchen backsplash is for you. Tile materials are easy to unearth and produce, minimizing fuel consumption. Tiles are also made from reprocessed matter, which further reduces environmental impact.

4. Easily Replaceable

Your kitchen tile backsplash is durable. But in the off-chance of a tile cracking in the future, replacing it is a simple process. As long as the damaged tile has not compromised the neighbouring tiles, you can easily remove the broken tile and replace and regrout it.

5. Moisture Protection

Your kitchen is a hotbed for moisture with cooking, boiling, baking, etc. That means there is a chance for water damage to occur. However, a tile kitchen backsplash acts as a barricade, wicking moisture away through its additive protective layer. This feature can potentially save you costly repairs for water damage.

In Summary

A tile backsplash does more than make your kitchen stand out. It protects your wall, adds character to the decor, and even increases your home’s value. These benefits make a tile kitchen backsplash a wise investment for any homeowner.

At Floor Trendz, we house a team of floor installation professionals. With decades of industry experience, our specialists are here to meet your floor renovation needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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