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Luxury vinyl tile can come in many assorted sizes such as 12×24”, 16×16”, 18×18” tiles. Luxury vinyl planks that mimic hardwood are available in assorted plank sizes such as 4×36”, 6×36”, 6×24” and more such as “wide plank” vinyl. The patterns of LVT and LVP are created by 3D imaging technology which creates more of a realistic look. There are many different styles such as hardwood, stone and modern tile patterns that are available to ensure that this product is right for your home. Because of the advancement of the technology used to manufacture these products, not only do they look more realistic than ever, vinyl can come slightly textured which adds additional depth and luxury to your floors. Vinyl tile also has the option on whether or not you can grout it or not. Some also come with pre-grouted line to make the installation easy. LVT and LVP are highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Vinyl is available for different applications such as full spread glue down, perimeter glue, or click (floating) installation. Not only is the installation easy, but it can be installed over almost any subfloor like plywood, K3, cement and so on.

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