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Floor Trendz Alternative Flooring Options:

Laminate Flooring - Floor Trendz
Laminate Flooring

Laminate is made to mimic hardwood but is more affordable and durable than real hardwood. Laminate is made up of multiple layers. The first is a water resistant backing that repels water to ensure that moisture doesn’t affect the board’s structure. The second is the core, which is typically made of HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) which also resists water and offers durability. The third layer is the print or design which is then coated by the fourth layer which is the wear layer that resists scratching, denting and fading. Because of the advancement of technology, laminate is becoming more and more realistic and is sometimes mistaken for real hardwood. Laminate offers different textures which create a high end feel, despite the affordability it offers.

Linoleum Flooring - Floor Trendz
Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is made from natural ingredients (flax and oil pressed together). Linoleum offers a wide variety of styles that can look like hardwood or tile. This product is water resistant due to the wax like finish on top. The pattern of linoleum wears better as it is embedded through the product, and is not just printed and laid on top. Because this product is all-natural, it is a little bit more susceptible to fading and decay caused by harsh chemicals, moisture and exposure to sun. Linoleum also has anti-static properties which naturally repel dirt and dust which creates a healthier home for those with respiratory conditions. This product is installed using a full spread glue down, however all ends must be seamed together.  Linoleum is a perfect flooring for washrooms, laundry rooms and games room because of the durability it offers. This is a perfect product for your home if you’re looking for the warmth and durability linoleum offers without a high price.

Cork Flooring - Floor Trendz
Cork Flooring

Cork is a green and environmentally friendly product as it is made entirely out of a renewable resource. This product naturally repels moisture, mold and mildew. Cork offers and holds onto the warmth of a home much like carpet but without the allergens that carpet holds onto; it is non-allergenic. Naturally, cork offers a small degree of fire resistance because of a property in the product. When this floor is dented, because of the product memory the floor goes back to its original shape. In addition to its ability to retain heat, it has the ability to absorb noise. Additional barriers such as more heat, noise and even moisture are available but with certain underlays.

Marmoleum Flooring - Floor Trendz
Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum flooring is available in sheet good and click tiles made of an HDF core. Marmoleum itself is almost entirely made of natural resources, renewable and recycled. The major materials it’s made up of are flax and Jute. Because of what this is made of, it naturally repels dust, dirt and moisture which makes it beneficial to people with respiratory problems. It also has anti-bacterial properties, which means that there is minimal growth of micro-organisms on the product. It inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria allowing for a healthier home. Luckily this product is also water repellent. This product has an outstanding wear layer which makes it ideal for high traffic areas. Because of the finish layer on the top of Marmoleum, this product is extremely durable with an increased stain resistance. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.

Floor Trendz Alternative Flooring Installation

Visit our showroom to view our wide selection of alternative flooring options. These include Laminate, Cork, Linoleum and Marmoleum Flooring. Floor Trendz provides laminate flooring installation services and alternative flooring installation. 
Before your laminate flooring installation, remove all baseboards and acclimate your laminate material. Allowing your laminate to acclimate minimizing growth and shrinkage in the boards. Next, it is important to clean the subfloor and then lay down your desired underlay. There are different types of underlay to choose from. Options for a laminate flooring underlay includes heat, moisture, sound and combinations. Once the underlay is down, you are ready to install your laminate flooring. Go ahead, lay your first row.
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